Unique Design Of Kitchen Island Plans With Seating


Modern kitchen design is designing with an island that usually used as dish place and eat food at the same time. The dish itself which is cooked by us has no need to take and prepare to another place just like old time. This concept is suitable for house which is designing minimize to press the room, also press the time to dish the food. Besides, when the people are cooking, they still can talk to each other with their friend which is sitting on the Kitchen Island plans with seating. However, the island table concept needs appropriate location and size in order to the function is optimal to be used. The bar concept can apply to kitchen which has ā€˜Uā€™ or ā€˜Lā€™ design, with put the island table to one of kitchen side which is facing to middle or dining room.

If you have already dining room area in your house, it is okay if you redecorate your kitchen with bar concept and Kitchen Island plans with seating. This area is useful as breakfast table, or such an added table for guest that will be visiting our home. In order to this area can be maximal, make sure you have completed the table with bar chair or stool bar as called. This bar chair becomes important element as seating area also this kind of furniture makes your kitchen looks beautiful than before. Then, this kind of bar chair has unique characteristic such as long leg, without prop, and usually this kind of chair can be rotating. Because the bar table higher than pantry table, then the high of the chair must same with the table also. The design of chair basically has 45 cm, but the bar chair has 65-75 cm higher than the ordinary chair. There is a design of bar chair with 90 cm high. It depends on what you need and your taste.

This mini bar idea for your kitchen with style and modern design will be amazing if you do this happen. The kitchen model with mini bar style makes elegant and luxurious impression. The key is also from lighting of lamp. A bar with color shiny lighting creates beautiful contrast although it is minimize room. This concept will be interesting if you are using this for drink some coffee in the morning after wake up. You need to know how to design your mini bar or island table here. Make sure the position of Kitchen Island plans with seating will not make you feel narrow on it. You still can move on the kitchen when you cook something to eat. The main function is absolutely to make you comfortable when you cook and dish some food.

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