Types Of Valances For The Windows And What Kinds Of Features It Has


Creating a room became more beautiful look can make anyone be comfortable while living in it, this can be done in various ways, for example from the selection of furniture to use types of valances that can be easily done. Many models valances which we can find in the market, but not all of them suitable for use in every home. Here are some models of blinds are generally used for the windows in the interior decoration of the house.

Types of valances that we recommend

– The rolls Valance

Model this one may be some people there who call it a vertical folding valance, so how else is the mechanism used is to fold or roll up the valances either upwards or sideways. At first valance of this type is made of simple materials such as wood, maybe you’ve been used to seeing at home – the home village of the past. But the same concept is also currently still being used, normally this kind of valance rolls as used by various companies in his office. Simple working system has made valance is very suitable for those of you who have a minimalist home design concepts.

– Butterfly Valance

If today you want a fancy house concept it could be a model valance butterflies – butterflies would be perfect for your home window. types of valances with butterfly design may already be familiar to us, it should be recognized that nearly every house now using valance type of this one. In addition to a luxurious look, of course, the valance butterfly – butterfly is indeed ideal for use as window coverings. But it would be better if the valances models butterfly – butterfly used on large windows such as the main window in front of the house, or it could also be used as a room divider between one and the other in the house.

– Transparent Valance

Transparent valance does not mean valances were always easy to penetrate view, but acts as a filter or minimize the amount of light entering from the outside to the inside of the house. Types of valances for windows is perfect for a window that has had a drapery or a pair of valance butterfly, although the valances or blinds primary is open then you need not worry if anyone can easily see the contents in your home and of course you were still going to get enough light from outside the house.

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