Several Ways On How To Decorate A Large Living Room Wall


As we know, the living room is the biggest part of our house that always using by family together to spend their time until time to sleep comes. It is very nice being lazy in front of television and snacking, also talk each other with our parents. However, when you are knowing if your living room is not appropriate to see and it feels terrible area, especially the wall, this will make you uncomfortable. The comfortable area depends on the situation and how beauty they are. That is why, if we want to redecorate our living room wall, we have to know how is looking of our living room itself. How to decorate a large living room wall, also how to choose the color in order to the beauty of our living room will arise. Here, we want to share some tips for you all to make your living room becomes cozy place.
Try to choose color of “happiness”

Yes, happiness is the word that everybody is looking for especially if you want to know on How to decorate a large living room wall. I am using this word because I want you know what is the color of happiness? The color happiness here means you must find or choose the color that makes you feel excited and fresh when you looking at. It is up to you, but the color must be full of bright, the color itself doesn’t make dark situation such as black or grey painting for the wall of living room.

Maximize the furniture
Furniture here is not only just value added for some living room that mostly people thought. Furniture itself have to match with color of happiness. Try to find furniture with minimize design and cute looking, means that those all furniture will collaborate with the color to appear the comfortable situation. You don’t have to give your living room with big furniture, it will look like unappropriated then makes the wall itself will be covered by furniture. So, just try to find minimize furniture to match the color of your wall.

Give some accessories
Some accessories will make your living room has new value added. It means, the value added will increase if you add some good accessories. You don’t have to buy some expensive accessories to make it appropriate, just give some gimmick that will match with your color wall. Give some gimmick such as a clock wall, action figure rack, or maybe you can put some water pot with plant on it. It will be nice if you can do that.
Those all is tips How to decorate a large living room wall that matching with your living room wall. Just try it at home, and we will see together how is different when you apply this tips for your comfortable living room.

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