Different Design For Curtains For Gray Walls

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Giving a touch of interior design at home is not exactly easy, the harmony between colors and also the use of the furniture contained therein. For instance if you use almost all wooden furniture such as chairs and tables it could be a suitable wall colors are those that have high levels of brightness or light. You cannot just randomly put any types of curtains for gray walls, so it is not exactly so easily. But for those of you who are still willing to try new in decorating the house then it could be preceded by a space you think is most convenient for example such as a living room or family room. In both pieces of space is indeed usually have similar views between one and the other, for example in the living room will usually have similar decor with design touches found in the family room and vice versa.

Design for gray curtains for walls

In decorating a room will not be released a color elements are there, for example for the application or choosing curtains for gray walls that can be adapted to the theme of the room your family where the walls are colored gray indeed today is synonymous with minimalist trends that are much-loved. Try to give a touch of color curtains were bold and striking as orange or maroon, but if your walls colored light gray might be better if you use a drapery motif of flowers – flowers in soft colors such as beige or ivory. As for the type of curtains that are used can be adjusted to taste, here are some types of curtains that you can use to decorate your living room.

– Sliding curtains with butterfly designs

Although it sounds familiar but is actually a model of drapery that often we use at home. It is suitable if placed in a large window that is directly connected to the outside area of the house, the color combination of dark brown and beige is also very suitable for gray walls.

– Folding curtains

This curtains for gray walls has a model that is different than usual, with folding system either upwards or sideways is very suitable if placed in the living area or the living room that is connected to the home page. Would be more appropriate if this drapery linen or cotton Using charts will not wrinkle because although folded repeatedly, while the chosen color can with high contrast such as maroon.

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