Cool Room Accessories For Guys That We Are Worthy To Be Tried


The decor is done to the house can be done with a variety of things and maybe not everything will fit when you get the same touch, like the rooms of men and women who will certainly have a different way of decorating. So to gain a comfort in resting or doing other activities in the room, here are some things to keep in mind to give a cool room accessories for guys that might be very useful for you.

Several things to Consider when using cool room accessories for guys

– Doors

Starting from the outside, the door to man room looks simple but also still has a strong character, for example by using black paint or can also keep letting the wood motif on the door remain attached. While the use of accessories such as hangers on the door handle can also be used like that used on the door of a hotel room, while also giving a cool room accessories for guys such as poster and painting.

– Floor

In the area of the room, the floor can also be a symbol that is strong enough to be a man. If the general floor rooms have tiled motifs that match the other room, then in his room can also be made of ceramic motif like a chessboard or if you do not want to bother then simply by granting the form of carpet or vinyl pads. But the selection of a simple motif and character remain the main guideline, you can use the motif carpet line – the line or it could be vinyl motivated dark wood.

– Wall

Although generally more dominant male characters in dark colors, high contrast, but the use of bright colors bedroom wall also still be selected. The use of colors like white, or can also be combined with a deep red will give a very strong impression on the owner’s private room. As for cool room accessories for guys for the walls can be used an abstract painting or poster, but still not excessive or simply perceived moderation.

– Sanitation

Although man does not look too neat as a woman, but for the affairs of cleanliness must be maintained. The use of a small bins and baskets for dirty clothes should also be kept in each room of men, the addition of an air freshener is also one factor that can not be separated.

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