Beautiful Sojoe Fire Pit


Sojoe fire pit design is evident that this is a recycling project a baking dish that is usually used to boil water, but in this case that has been unused furnace are taken as a fire pit, you can make a fire pit like this at home. In addition to the pan used secondhand also you need to add the foot – as a pedestal foot fire pit that is not directly perched above the floor, like this then is fairly portable fire pit can be used anywhere even in a closed sekialipun.

Function of the Sojoe Fire pit

From the unique shape we go to the accessories section of this sojoe fire pit is not using a variety of ornaments in the outer area will however take advantage of the light that comes from the fire pit to be easily exit by forming the theme of the moon and stars. This simple concept is fairly cheap to reach especially those of you who spirited a creative course very easy to make a fire pit like this or even better than the design of other fire pit. By making some holes in the walls of the former pan-shaped moon and then the light from the combustion process in the fire pit going out and emits a beautiful shape, the child – the child will be very happy with the shape – a shape like this.

If viewed from the function, this type of fire pit is actually can also be used as a toaster when you want to hold barbecues, or if you want to burn the fish by using bulkhead cover patterned mesh then a meal with your family can be increasingly felt warm with their grain grilled fish delicious. Design fire pit multi function like this is very suitable for those of you who want a practicality of household devices, especially would be very exciting if you can make it yourself from a wide range of furniture which had been unused for recycling used goods are becoming more useful as sojoe fire pit. In conclusion, this fire pit will give your family many benefits at once

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