Several Types Of Wood Picket Fence Panels Design

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Various designs for wood picket fence panels today are very diverse, there are the classic to modern minimalist. But to make a fence for the house can not be denied if this will require no small cost, at least making a fence will require major material and some other supporting materials. So what if the funds that we have is limited, while the need to make the fence is indispensable? To solve this problem it might be worthwhile for us to try to use alternatives such as the use of the materials used in making the fence.

Using wood as a main material in the manufacture of the fence can indeed be said to be cheap and very affordable, even if you are a creative person you could just make a fence from scrap wood main ingredient. With creativity and artistry you could design your own Wood picket fence panels that will look lovely. For you who are interested here are some simple wooden fence design that can be used as a fence in your home.

Wood Picket Fence Panels Design

– Shadow Boxes
The first design is the simplest, you can use wood around your house to create a shadow box fence. Shaped just like arrangement of wooden slats mounted parallel with a distance that is not too big, with this you can take advantage of the number of used wood which is likely very useful if used carefully.
– Dog eared striker
The next design is dog eared striker, a wood fence design that is almost similar to the previous design. The only difference is located at each end of the top of each wooden slats or tip over the fence that are blunt, because the shape is a bit simple it will be much easier to be made.
– French gothic striker
For those who love art and creativity enough then you may be more suitable when making this wood picket fence panels design called french gothic. Broadly speaking, almost all wood fence designs are the same, but the design of this one end of the fence made tapered like a leaf hibiscus. You can use tools such as saws or small grinding as a tool for shaping the upper end of the fence.

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